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that offer the brokerage and trading community end-to-end electronic trading solutions.

DAS Systems Provide Efficient Execution

Real-time market data solutions for your firm’s clients, broker/dealers, clearing firms, online Brokers, institutional trading desks, and traders worldwide who demand smarter execution services and real-time streaming market data

Efficient Execution

Trader PRO

DAS Trader Professional trading platform with advanced order types,
charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment

  • Order Execution
  • Collocated Order Executions
  • Regional Access
  • Access Routing
  • Stop Types
  • Supports
  • Trade Options

Active Web

DAS ActiveWeb Trader is an advanced browser-based platform for trading equities and options built on HTML5 and uses Web Socket technology to stream real-time feed. This platform combines the direct access trading capabilities of DAS Trader Pro with an intuitive web-based platform that can be customized to compete with other top-tier online brokerage solutions.

  • Execution and Market
  • Collocated Executions and Market Data
  • Access Routing
  • Stop Types
  • Supports
  • Trade Options
Web Trader
DAS Trader Pro

Iphone & Android

DAS Trader app allows you to manage your account and send orders using the DAS system. The same real time Level 2 market data is delivered directly to your Android or iOS device! You can download the app by searching for:

DAS Iphone & Android app


DAS Trader DMA FIX/API adheres to the standard of Financial Information Exchange (FIX) for the industry. It provides Direct Market Access (DMA) to various market destinations for high speed order execution and validation without compromising latency.

Because our DMA FIX is co-located within the exchanges’ data center, our clients benefit by cutting time and cost in setting up connections to multiple venue options by just connecting to DAS infrastructure.

Automatically Transmit

Receive and cancel advanced order types, execution reports, order status, positions, liquidity flags, account balances, standardized market data for Nasdaq, Direct EDGE, BATS and more.

Send Orders

Send orders directly to NASDAQ via the data center in Carteret, NJ -Send orders via DAS’s private dark fiber connections to NYSE, DirectEDGE, CBSX, and BATS

Access Routing

Direct Access Order Routing

Access Markets

Access 100+ market destinations via DAS’s infrastructure


DAS’s Product Suite Is Your Firm’s Technology
Solution To Connect To The Global Market

We are committed to continually improving the reliability of our software technology and have
specifically designed our platform to consider the scalability and needs of our clients.

Higher Leverage

Maximize Your Equity Trading and Receive up to 6:1 Leverage.

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