Introducing Our Trading Platforms

Trading can be a difficult business but with the right technology and platforms at your disposal, developing and optimising your portfolio can be made simpler. Our commitment to delivering unmatched trading experiences is reflected in our selection of advanced trading platforms and once registered, you can choose from any of the below platforms to trade on:

Takion: A high-speed platform for executing trades with precision.

Das: Access real-time market data and execute trades seamlessly.

Sterling: Tailored to the needs of professional traders, providing advanced tools.

Dynamics: Explore our proprietary platform, designed for user-friendliness and optimal performance.

In short, we have the technology and tools to help you at every stage of your trading journey. To find out more about our technology and services, please click here.

About ST Global Markets: Based in Nassau, the Bahamas but with a global footprint, ST Global Markets offers a discreet, client led and bespoke multi-asset trading service. Our experienced team of traders are on hand to deliver a bespoke trading service to meet a wide range of trading needs. For more information, please visit