Both Private & Professional Investors

ST Global Markets has a broad set of counterparties and trades with the market as a whole, therefore we can offer institutional pricing to its clients.

In addition to self-service on our platforms, clients can also contact their trading team directly to place or amend any orders.

Our team of qualified traders have experience in working with complex trading strategies providing more than simply transactional support.


A Comprehensive Service Portfolio

We offer custody and execution services across various financial products, including:

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    Invest in stocks with confidence and precision.
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    Fixed Income:
    Access a stable and reliable investment option.
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    Foreign Exchange:
    Navigate the dynamic forex market with ease.
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    Explore the world of commodities trading.
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    Engage in the exciting world of digital assets.
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    Access diversified portfolios with exchange-traded funds.

Sophisticated Trading Platforms

Our commitment to delivering unmatched trading experiences is reflected in our selection of advanced trading platforms:

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    A high-speed platform for executing trades with precision.
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    Access real-time market data and execute trades seamlessly.
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    Tailored to the needs of professional traders, providing advanced tools.
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    Explore our proprietary platform, designed for user-friendliness and optimal performance.

Innovative Payment Solutions

In addition to our comprehensive suite of financial services, we offer an innovative payment solution that enhances your financial freedom and ease of access to your cash throughout the world.

Our prepaid card option provides you with the following benefits:

- Secure Fund Holding:

Your funds are safeguarded on a prepaid card, ensuring both security and accessibility.

- Effortless Access:

Enjoy unrestricted access to your funds at any time, from anywhere in the world.

- Flexible Spending:

Experience true financial freedom as you manage and spend your funds with ease, whether it's for online shopping, in-store purchases, or ATM withdrawals.