A Team Dedicated To Your Needs

We have built an experienced and international team which is committed to effective client
support. Our team is there to help our clients navigate the opportunities and threats within the
financial marketplace. Detail and results orientated they are both accessible and dedicated to
delivering solutions which make a difference.

Ivan Huang, Founder

“Growing up I would dream about one day becoming a Wall Street trader. I was fortunate enough to realize my dream in 1999. The journey was not easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

Today, I wish to provide others the opportunities to realize their dreams and ambitions, and benefit from everything the financial markets have to offer.

I want each client to know that we value them personally, so we can build the trust and confidence to develop a long-standing relationship.”

Our team

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    Alicia has been working in the financial services for over 15 years in both private and publicly held companies. Her diverse experience ranges from her significant roles as a Financial Controller to Assistant Financial Controller, underlining her versatile financial acumen...Read More

    Alicia Smith

    CEO Bahamas

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    Michel is a seasoned professional with expertise in Broker-Dealers, clearing firms, and Equity markets. He excels in Risk Management, mitigating financial uncertainties with precision...Read More

    Michel Watteyne

    Equities Administrator

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    As one of the founding members of ST Global Market’s front office team, Andy has been a core part of driving STGM’s global trading business for nearly two decades. As our most senior trader, Andy manages a dedicated team who are here to service your trading portfolio...Read More

    Andy Huang

    Senior Trader

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    Dominik possesses a comprehensive background in the financial industry, showcasing his expertise and dedication to the field. Academically, Dominik holds a Master of Science in Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology...Read More

    Dominik Bocks

    Head of Operations

For us our success and effectiveness are measured by the longevity of our client relationships. Building a long-term partnership from day one.