Dominik BocksHead of Operations

Dominik possesses a comprehensive background in the financial industry, showcasing his expertise and dedication to the field. Academically, Dominik holds a Master of Science in Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, which equipped him with deep understanding of modern financial technologies. His Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from Northwood University, USA, laid a strong foundation for his international business acumen.

Dominik worked as a Brokerage Officer & Relationship Manager at FxView, Charlgate Ltd., where his financial market proficiency and client management skills were established. His contributions to business development and process optimization at D.T.B. Real Estate Investments and Asset Management further solidified his strategic and efficiency-oriented approach.

Dominik obtained the advanced CySEC certifications in 2021, 2022, and 2023, demonstrating еру commitment to staying updated with industry regulations and standards.